What They Needed

SelectNY needed a way for over 500 employees globally to collaborate and share on a deeply creative level. That's it? No problem.

It's not every day that a global advertising agency is forward-thinking enough to have their own social sharing platform built, but SelectNY is no ordinary agency. Here's where Magiconic comes in. 

Paper Tiger was given very little direction other than what we just mentioned. The new site needed to be for SelectNY employees, it needed to be collaborative, it needed to be social, and it needed to be creative.

What We Delivered

​Paper Tiger created a unique, mobile friendly social sharing platform that supports images, audio, video, and text.

SelectNY can now collaborate across continents by sharing all of the creative elements they encounter. Picture Pinterest, but you can share ANYTHING. This is what we delivered.

The resulting platform is built on an easily updated CMS, has a mobile version and an iPhone App (currently in development). It looks great on almost any browser size (try resizing!) and has a nifty infinite scroll. We all needed a nice nap after this one.

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