Creativity Post

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What They Needed

​Creativity Post wanted its brand to be synonymous with creativity on the web and they had the plan to back it up. 

Creativity Post came to Paper Tiger with a concept that involved Creative professionals from around the world contributing to a single website. We were immediately drawn to the concept.

They needed a a site with a rich category structure that was easy to peruse and logical in its implementation. They also needed a special “debate” section where established writers, bloggers and other luminaries could discuss all manner of topics based on creativity.

What We Delivered

We designed and built ​a clean, feature-rich site that allows authors and readers to come together and discuss a great topic; Creativity.

Creativity Post is designed around readability, easy browsing and collaboration. The site we built is free of distractions and let's the material do the talking.

We also hooked it into a CMS that would sustain hundreds of authors and thousands of articles. Now we have a great portfolio piece and a new favorite site to visit every day.