Angels & Kings

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What They Needed

Angels & Kings came to Paper Tiger in need of an easily scaled site that captured the personality of their locations.

They needed place for customers to browse all existing Angels & Kings locations and quickly get information on the individual sites. They asked for eye-catching restaurant images to be front-and-center, and wanted the site to reinforce the character of their brand. 

They also wanted an easily updated website to they could add restaurants on their own as they expanded their business.

What We Delivered

‚ÄčAn eye-popping, full-browser experience to view the locations online and give the management the tools to expand.

We created a site that is visually unique, but also quite powerful under the hood. The CMS allows the administrators to add new locations without the help of a developer.

Now that A&K is all setup with a new site, where will their next location be? We're hoping it's downtown Glen Rock, NJ so we can stumble down there after work.